Drin Tłat Gwiinzii - Welcome!

Shinli’ Niintaih has been a special project that brings me great joy. Creating Gwich’in beadwork and adornment is a passion of mine. Due to the nature of artistic process, my releases are limited. I have only 2-3 releases per year and my custom orders are based on my availability. Each piece is handmade and takes time to produce. 

My prices are based on the extensive labour that goes into my work. This includes time for processing and cleaning my materials: tanned vadzaih (caribou) and dinjik (moose) hides (aadhoh), dinvi’ (silverberry) berries, ts’it cho (porcupine quills) and a’tthan’ (dentalium) shells. I source the best available materials, some of which are directly from my homelands and processed by me personally. Most of the beads I use are contemporary charlotte cuts or antique dead stock, so each piece is unique and one of a kind. I do not reproduce any of the work I’ve done in the past for custom orders.

From time to time I plan to share my research work through blog posts on this site, and will announce shop updates or special projects as well. You can sign up for my own newsletter to receive these updates.

Thank you for taking the interest in my work and I deeply appreciate your support, as it allows me to continue making Gwich’in art.

Hài Cho – Thank you,